Studio HPKSM is an award winning restaurant, bar and live scene in Gothenburg, Sweden that opened in January 2016. Since then it has became Gothenburgs own living room and has housed multiple popular events and concerts. The biggest part of the brief was to create two logotypes, one for the main restaurant and one for the adjacent bistro. The logotypes was suppose to work as the only solitaire in the restaurants identity and the rest of it would organically grow around it. Just like the restaurants murals and all of the interior. Beyond that, I also designed some big wall painted official decrees and animated posters for the opening event.

The logotype is originally based of a wood type font and later letterpressed. I aimed for a clean and clear look that could work on all kind of backgrounds as photos, detailed illustrations and of course, as a neon sign on a brick wall. But it was also important that it had just enough personality to work completely on its own.

All interior design by Studio HPKSM. All editorial design by Maja Lagusson.

Studio HPKSM

Editorial design by Maja Lagusson
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